Why Badminton Is the Best Sport for You

Badminton has been an Olympic sport since 1992 and is among the most popular sports in Asia. However, its success in the United States is a lot more limited, with the country not being able to boast a single Olympic medal of any color.

That said, badminton has the capacity to become a popular sport in America, given that it is relatively inexpensive and that its athletes are less vulnerable to injuries common in contact sports like football. It is also a great hobby to pick up in order to stay fit and healthy, as it requires good reflexes and agility.

Most of all, it is a sport that can be played for fun among family and friends. From California to Utah to Maine, various badminton support services — from coaches and clubs to pickleball court contractors — already exist to help you get started in the sport.

If you are still doubtful, here are some reasons to take up this exciting sport:

A Court for Your Home

Badminton is played on what is called a pickleball court. Compared to basketball, volleyball, or tennis courts, a pickleball court is much smaller, with a length of only 40 feet and a width of 24 feet. Thus, having a pickleball court to play badminton on is much easier to have in your home.

Even if you do not plan on pursuing badminton competitively, having a pickleball court in your home sets the stage for some family fun and games. Whether you’re playing badminton or just running around in the sun, it is a great place to get some exercise and have fun while you’re at it.

Speed over Strength

Unlike tennis, which requires a ball to be struck with force across the court, the shuttlecock used in badminton is lightweight and requires little or no force to hit. In contrast, what is important is the technique used to hit the shuttlecock in the right spot to send it where you would like to go.

Furthermore, whereas in tennis the ball is required to bounce before it is hit again by the opponent, a shuttlecock never touches the ground, meaning the only force to contend with comes from the initial hit.

All in all, this means that there is less focus on force and getting from one end to the court to another. Instead, a good badminton player must be quick to react and possess proper technique. This is perfect for those who prefer sports that are lighter on the body, but still, keep you healthy nonetheless.

Double the Fun

man playing badminton

Just like tennis, badminton can be played in a doubles or mixed doubles format. What adds to the fun, however, is the quick nature of the game that can make for some exciting moments.

The lack of raw strength and force required to play the game also makes it more inclusive, so that anyone — young or old — can join. With the fun not being limited to just two people, you could even turn it into an all out 3-a-side or 5-a-side competition for maximum enjoyment.

No matter what you choose, this is a great way to have some fun on the weekend or in the afternoon and unwind after the long hours spent at work or school.

Badminton is perfect for those seeking a balance between sports, fun, and exercise. A sport for everyone, it has something fun to offer each person to add excitement to their lives.

So step up and pick up a racquet and shuttlecock today. Who knows, you might be the first American Olympic badminton champion.