What Every Marketing Video Should Have

We are living in what some might call consumer content overload, where customers are constantly being bombarded with marketing messages. With all the noise, capturing attention is key, and video marketing has been proved to command more attention than any other mediums.

This is not the only benefit. When done right, video marketing improves search engine optimisation (SEO), boosts consumer engagement, creates more emotional connections, and improves email click rates. However, for your business to enjoy these effects, your video production expert in Manchester must do it right. These are the must-have essentials for a spectacular video that converts:

Have a purpose and make it very clear

Videos serve different purposes. Some educate, others entertain, and others are meant to inspire as they promote new products or services. What is the purpose of your video? Think about this, and draw a plan then stick to it. Within a few seconds of listening to your video, a customer should not have to wonder what you are trying to do.

If, for instance, you decide to educate your audience with helpful information, start with the major problems you resolve and some common inquiries that your sales team gets. When your potential customers have questions, they go to search engines such as Google and YouTube and type in their questions. They may search for something like ”how to make my event party successful.’’ This is where you employ SEO methods, making sure that the titles of your videos capture such keywords.

The video should match your audience

Which buyer persona are you targeting? Think of your company’s buyer persona and speak directly to them. In marketing, you cannot afford to try to appeal to everyone. It is unrealistic, which will yield poor results. You want your video content to match your audience. Buyer personas describe who your customers are, the challenges they face, their purchasing habits, and how they make decisions.

The introduction must stand out

Videographer holding an slrFor example, you are unlikely to open an email if the subject does not inspire you. It is the same thing with videos. If the viewer does not like what they see in the first 10 seconds, they will click off the video. Having this in mind, the title of the video should be as entertaining as it is informative. Of course, this again depends on the purpose of the video.

Don’t annoy your viewers

An obnoxious tone of voice, irrelevant rambling, and music that drowns out the narrator will undoubtedly annoy the viewers and trigger them to hit the back button. In the world of marketing, the tone of voice describes less about what is said. It is more in the way it is said. You should not be too loud, and neither should you be inaudible. To show emotion, always match your tone with what you are feeling. You can also emphasize questions and ends of statements.

With the increased consumption of videos by Internet users, Google and other search engines are now favouring the video marketer. You can’t afford to be left behind.

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