Popular 2024 Remodeling Projects With the Best ROI

Home remodeling projects almost always require significant financial investments. You will likely have to save money for a long time or work with lenders to secure the necessary home remodeling resources. Pouring significant financial resources into your remodeling project can be a tough ask, but the promised return should soften the blow. Of course, the key is to choose the right remodeling projects. Continue reading below to learn more about the projects that yield the best ROI.

Kitchen Remodel

Leading off this list of high-yield projects are kitchen remodels. Kitchen remodels are among the most desired home improvement projects for people nationwide. Given the many benefits they provide, it’s not hard to see why those projects are so popular.

For starters, you can get more uses out of your kitchen after remodeling. Right now, your kitchen may be in a state where it’s simply not conducive to comfortable cooking. Remodeling companies can do something about that. They can remove kitchen islands if you’re lacking space and install new ventilation features that can move heat out of that space efficiently.

Using your home remodeling resources on your kitchen is also a good idea if that part of your home has become outdated. Currently, the outlets in your kitchen may be incompatible with modern appliances. Address that issue through your remodeling project.

You should also consider updating the appearance of your kitchen via remodeling. Install new quartz or granite countertops that can be gorgeous long-term additions to your kitchen. Changing your faucets can make your kitchen more beautiful. Cabinet companies can also install new fixtures that stand out in terms of form and function.

While there are various ways to upgrade your kitchen, getting the best ROI requires holding back. Minor kitchen remodels offer better returns than massive overhauls. Get in touch with kitchen remodeling companies to discuss the strategy that allows you to get the most bang for your buck.

Bathroom Remodel

Did you know that kitchen and bath remodeling services are easy to find for a reason? That’s because those two projects are routinely among the most requested by homeowners. Bathroom remodels also happen to provide great ROI.

Just like kitchen remodeling projects, you can tackle a bathroom overhaul in different ways. To maximize the return on your home remodeling resources, you should focus on improvements that make your bathroom more efficient. Replace your old faucets and toilets with low-flow fixtures so you can avoid wasting water.

Many older bathrooms also lack space. Address that common issue by reaching out to bathroom remodeling services. They can move things around to free up space and make your bathroom more comfortable.

Remodeling is also helpful if your bathroom is short on storage space. The remodeling services can install a new vanity so you can keep your bathroom essentials organized. If your bathroom has plenty of unused vertical space, the workers can install cabinets to cover those areas.

Improving your bathroom with more costly additions is also worth considering. Underfloor heating can make a big difference for potential buyers if you live in one of the colder states. They may be willing to pay a premium for your heated bathroom floor. Home saunas and soaking tubs are also bathroom additions that yield good returns.

Large bathrooms have also become more popular recently. If you don’t have the space to accommodate a larger bathroom, installing mirrors is a good alternative. Mirrors can create the illusion of space and add verticality to your bathroom. Natural lighting can also add a sense of airiness that your bathroom previously lacked.

Basement Finishing

Next up, let’s discuss why you should consider finishing your basement. First off, you should consider remodeling your basement because a significant part of your home would be wasted otherwise. Instead of having another room your kids or guests can use, your basement is just an incomplete mess.

Finishing your basement can also provide returns that you may not be able to access otherwise. After investing home remodeling resources in your basement, you can start renting it out to tenants. That additional income stream can make a big difference for your long-term finances.

Buyers may also take a greater interest in your property because you took the time to complete your basement. Even if a particular buyer likes your home, they may hesitate to complete the purchase because of your unfinished. They may decline the opportunity because they don’t want to tackle that project.

The benefits of finishing your basement are undeniable, but this is not a project you can afford to take lightly. Set up meetings with your basement finishing contractors because you have a lot of things to discuss. You should sort out matters like the structural composition of your basement and what quality-of-life features to include. Remember that the features in your finished basement determine if it can be rented to tenants.

It’s also worth considering your home’s location before starting a basement remodel. Even the best design plans may not protect a basement in a flood-prone area. Look for other ways to improve your home if that’s the case.

Garage Conversion

Garage conversion differs from basement finishing because the former is already a functional space. Whether you remodel it or not, your garage can be a positive addition to your home. Still, using home remodeling resources to transform your garage is an idea that deserves serious consideration.

The space in your garage is remarkably versatile. After installing a few upgrades, your garage can become your new workshop or gym. If you’re shifting to a work-from-home arrangement, you can also turn your garage into an office. In that case, the garage naturally being separated from the rest of your home can be a major advantage.

You can also turn your garage into an extension of a different room based on its position inside your home. Extend your kitchen or bathroom into your former garage if those parts of your home are short on space. Consult with home remodeling contractors beforehand to ensure that extending your kitchen or bathroom into your garage won’t be a problem.

Before you get to the actual work of converting your garage, there are other things you must handle first. Evaluating the insulation and ventilation in your garage is critical because you don’t want to initiate the remodel without confirming the space is habitable. You will likely need permits for your garage conversion as well. A local remodeling contracting company can help you secure the permits for that project.

Story Addition

Even after finishing your basement and converting your garage, you may still lack living space. So, how are you supposed to create more living space at that point? The solution involves building a story addition.

Story additions may be unconventional remodeling projects, but they still provide remarkable benefits. Chief among them is a solid return for your home remodeling resources. Right now, your home may not be on par with other properties in your neighborhood because it’s on the smaller side. Home remodeling contractors can build that new story and put your home on the same level as the other properties.

The extra living space and robust return are not the only reasons to request a story addition. Because you’re building vertically and horizontally, you can avoid taking up extra space in your backyard. You can now move forward with your plans to transform your outdoor landscape. The additional vertical space also presents more opportunities for you to decorate your home.

Now, you cannot assume that building a story addition is an option for you. Your home may be designed in such a way that it cannot support that kind of structure. If that’s the case, you should use your home remodeling resources to build an accessory dwelling unit instead. An accessory dwelling unit will consume a sizable chunk of your yard, but it can also provide the living space you need.

Window Removal and Replacement

Most of the time, you don’t have to contact home remodeling contractors to get new windows. Window companies can repair or replace your windows without altering the rest of your home. It’s good to have that kind of service available from a window installer, but there are projects where their expertise may not suffice.

Your current window setup may not do much to highlight the beauty of your outdoor landscape. The issue could be something like your windows being too small or positioned in the wrong spot along your wall. Simply replacing your current windows will not address that problem. You will have to change the placement of your windows to create your desired setup, and the remodeling contractors can help with that.

Ask the contractors to examine your outdoor landscape so they can determine the best spots for your new windows. Structural additions may have to be introduced based on the spots your contractors select. Cutting into your yard may also be necessary to accommodate the windows and supports.

Given all the additional projects related to this endeavor, you may be wondering how it still generates a sizable return. Window replacement projects create positive returns by enhancing your home’s curb appeal. Your beautiful new windows can elevate the appearance of your property and broaden its appeal. The savings generated by your new and more efficient windows can also pile up in a hurry.

Home Layout Change

Remodeling isn’t necessarily limited to a single room or story. You can also pursue a remodeling project that involves completely transforming the layout of your home. In all likelihood, the layout change you have in mind will establish an open floor plan.

Aside from offering a great return on investment, establishing an open floor plan inside your home can be beneficial in other ways. The biggest benefit is opening up your home. With so much space available, you can rearrange your furniture and appliances any way you want. Changing your furniture or appliance layout is also easier because walls and posts aren’t getting in your way constantly.

Open floor plans are also more practical for homeowners who like to entertain. The aforementioned layout creates better flow when moving into and out of your kitchen. Because of that, you can continue socializing with your guests while preparing food.

People on the market for modern homes may also be drawn more to properties with open floor plans. The lack of that layout could be a deal-breaker for them. Chalk that up as another reason to change your home’s layout.

Call the contractors well in advance to plan the layout change. You don’t want to use your home remodeling resources to pay appliance repair companies, so complete the necessary preparations beforehand. Consider placing certain items in storage if the project could affect them.

Outdoor Landscape Remodel

Last but certainly not least, you can reserve your home remodeling resources to change your outdoor landscape. Many homeowners tend to neglect the exterior aspects of their properties when putting together their remodeling plans. The result of that oversight is an unpleasant mismatch that can adversely affect your property value. Potential buyers may be immediately turned off as soon as they see your barren outdoor landscape.

It would also be a shame to neglect your yard, given the many ways you can transform it. You can use hardscaping features like pavers, retaining walls, and fences to add more definition to your yard. Those new structures can also improve your home security.

Remodeling an outdoor landscape may also involve the addition of more plants. You and your contractor can pick the best areas to grow trees, flowers, and vegetables. Putting planters in those spots can also promote proper growth.

Bigger features like swimming pools and fire pits can also be transformative backyard additions. Treat them as the focal points of your outdoor landscape by supporting them with other structures. Take good care of those fixtures so they can yield returns for a long time.

Are you thinking of the best ways to use your home remodeling resources? The suggestions in this article should lead you in the right direction. You can also check our website for more information regarding home remodeling!

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