Customize Everything with Lasers

Modern laser engravers leave traditional rotary machines in the dust. Laser engravers allow you to transfer images into almost every available medium, and it’s as easy as using a printer.

Stainless Steel

Stainless-steel items, especially dog tags, are usually associated with traditional rotary engravers, but laser engravers are now proving to be a more attractive option. Laser engravers can produce more complex imagery, even photos. Fine details can be etched into the stainless steel medium with exact precision that is impossible to achieve with rotary machines. Similar to rotary tools, laser engravers create a lighter marking on stainless steel. However, laser engravers can make multiple passes, creating depth and contrast.

Curved Glass

Laser engravers can easily be used on both curved objects and fragile objects. Wineglasses, bottles, or any other cylindrical or even spherical object can easily be customized. Laser engravers transfer images through precise bursts of heat that cause minimal damage to the medium, engraving images with depths of mere microns. This preserves the structural stability of the medium and allows it to be used as usual without the risk of breakage. Laser engravers use bitmaps to map an image and transfer it into the medium, allowing greater precision and detail. Curved or uneven surfaces pose no problems, and you can transfer your image with minimal adjustments or effort.


Bags, wallets, belts, jackets — if it’s made from leather, you can easily customize it with a laser engraver. Customizing leather items make them more exciting and distinctive. You can easily create a leather item unique by using a unique design or one you made yourself. You can depict beautiful scenery on your leather bag or embellish it with intricate art. You can add whatever design or imagery you want into your leather jacket without the need for patches that can be damaging to the leather.


sparks fly from laser

Stone can be quite tricky mediums to use because of its hardness and tendency to chip at the slightest mistake. However, none of those qualities pose problems for laser engravers. Lasers strip a minute layer of stone, creating precise and beautiful markings while causing minimal damage. By using bursts of energy instead of a physical object to engrave on stone, chipping is all but impossible and more precise designs can be created. Engraving on stone creates light markings with frost-like appearances.


Laser engraving on wood creates effects similar to burns or sears. The application of the imagery may be modern, but the results still exude an old-fashioned appeal. Unlike most materials, using lasers on wood tends to darken the material as the wood burns from the heat. Laser engravers operate with exact precision, allowing them to sear the wood with the exact amount of heat at precise points to create imagery without damaging the surrounding area. Lasers are perfect for creating intricate signage, small signs, or decorative art pieces.

You can customize almost anything with a laser engraver. From soft leather to granite and steel — create beautiful imagery and make your mark in your little part of the world.