Creating the Perfect Huddle Space in Your Office

Open office layouts have become the norm in the last years, but if you have seen reports in the last months, you would know that employees are frowning upon such workplace designs, given that they are a productivity killer. Too much noise and distraction keep people from being their best on their individual work.

If you have been experiencing this yourself at your workplace, you do not have to throw out your open office completely. What you need are dedicated spaces for collaboration: huddle rooms. With this, you will be able to address the wrongs of the open office layout and make your employees more productive. Here is how you can perfect your huddle spaces.

Keep it comfortable and casual

One of the distinguishing characteristics of huddle rooms from conference rooms is that the former is a little more informal. It is primarily designed to speed up collaboration among members. That is why a relaxed, intimate environment is created. It is supposed to accommodate spontaneous team meetings as well, as opposed to the booked two-weeks-in-advance conference rooms.

So when creating huddle rooms, keep it as comfortable and casual as possible. Furnish it with comfortable chairs or couches. Use beanbags, if possible. Or, if you could shell out more money for this fit out, go for work pods that feature interesting shapes. Take note of the colour palettes you will use as well. You want relaxing, mood-boosting hues. Partner with office fit out companies in Sydney that can help you address your unique collaboration needs.

Equip with high-techmeeting in a conference room

Beyond the aesthetics, you have to ensure that your huddle room is fully functional. And for this, you need technology features that would support your team’s needs. Include the basics: video conferencing equipment, a television and a projector for sharing slides and presentations, and of course, charging stations.

Invest in digital whiteboards too, so that your employees can immediately share the results of brainstorming sessions with remote team members. Writable wall surfaces are a good addition as well. They increase creativity and contribute to the casual atmosphere in the space, allowing team members to flesh out ideas and put it in writing wherever they are in the room. The bottom line is to make sure to have technology that is, of course, easy to use.

Keep the noise down

Noise control is another big consideration when creating huddle rooms aside from aesthetics and functionality. You do not want a loud, exciting brainstorming session to distract employees outside the huddle room. So prioritise noise control in your huddle spaces.

Install acoustic panels. Use soft upholstered furniture and floor materials, rather than hard surfaces. Include plants as well, as these can also absorb noises. Perhaps a green wall will do well as a focal point of your interiors there. Consult fit out specialists how you can best limit the noises inside huddle rooms.

Creating huddle rooms is the way to fix the wrongs of open offices. Take note of these tips to make the perfect huddle spaces in your workplace.

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