Person holding house keys and a contract

Repossession: Common Questions Answered

Repossession is a process that enables creditors to reclaim properties from people who owe them money, also known as debtors, in the event that they fail to keep up with their predetermined payments. Repossession is typically used in conjunction with …

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Couple with a real estate agent

An Overview of Mortgage APRs

Most Utahns gravitate to the interest rate when shopping around for mortgages, but they should actually be focusing on the annual percentage rate (APR). The former is misleading because it only pertains to the money that your lender charges in …

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Shoot behind the scenes

What Every Marketing Video Should Have

We are living in what some might call consumer content overload, where customers are constantly being bombarded with marketing messages. With all the noise, capturing attention is key, and video marketing has been proved to command more attention than any …

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