5 Ways to Have More Storage Capacity in Your Retail Store

If you have managed a retail store before, you would know how important each inch of the space is. When a store can fit more products, it will have more potential earnings.

Store owners that want to have more items in their retail areas will find that the following will help you have more storage capacity in your retail store:

1. Utilise the right storage units

All retail stores have limited capacity when it comes to the number of products and items that they can fit into their stores. Sometimes, this is not caused by a small space. Instead, it is a result of inefficient storage units.

The storage equipment used in the retail store must be able to accommodate as many items as possible without using too much floor space. If you want to have better utilisation of storage space in your retail store, get pallet storage and mobile shelving unit as these are efficient storage equipment.

2. Make the most of vertical space

A retail area that is lacking in floor space should try to maximise the vertical space that it has. Do not squeeze in everything at eye level as it will only look more cramped to your customers.

If you do go this route, you should have some equipment that can make it easy for the store’s crew and staff to go up and get the items. Just to be smart about it, you may want to put the least popular items in your store in these higher storage units as they are less likely to be needed.

3. Prioritise the sale of old stocks

Any manager of a retail store should know that the first items that should be eliminated are the oldest ones. The retail store should have a first-in, first-out system in place as they will only serve as idle investments if left in your store.

One way that you can get rid of old stocks is by offering them as discounted products as they will be appealing to people who are cost-conscious. You may also just simply give away items that have been in stock for too long as it can bolster your brand image.

4. Get an alternate storage room

Retail store

It is likely that there are still items in your storage and retail area currently not in-season but can be in-demand in the future. You may want to store these items in other places like alternate storage rooms.

There are, for example, sharing sites that enable people and businesses to have dedicated spaces for their possessions. The good thing about these spaces is that you can just rent them for months so you can just collect the items once you need them.

5. Have more detailed labels

Getting more storage capacity is not just about having enough space and better storage equipment. It is also about the proper utilisation of the space that you currently so it will be able to accommodate your items.

One of the strategies that you can take for this to be achieved is proper labelling. It will make the store more orderly and organised for sure.

Storage is a crucial concern for many store owners. Any retail store that wants to earn a profit can learn a thing or two from the items above.

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