Should You Turn Your Pool Shed Into a Guest House?

Your pool shed may just be one of the most important and versatile structures needed when you own a swimming pool. It is essentially where you store pool cleaning materials, towels, and equipment that you would normally use during a warm sunny day at the pool. Pool houses also function as dressing and showering areas for people who would want to use the pool. Apart from that, these sheds often have a bathroom to accommodate users. While these are the main functions of a basic pool shed, other people had the ingenuity of combining their backyard patios with their pool sheds. This creates an area for leisure and relaxation that supports the activity of recreational swimming. Ultimately, your pool houses help you have a convenient and fun time at the pool. But note that your pool house is essentially a structure that may take up a significant part of your property. Of course, you can choose to keep it as is, or you can try to maximize that area and turn it into a fully functional guest house. But is this is necessarily a wise decision to make? And what should you take note of should you decide to upgrade your pool house into a guest house? Let’s find out.

Transforming Your Pool House

Before deciding to transform your pool house into a legitimate guest house, there are several factors you should consider.


Ask yourself this: do you need a guest house? If yes, then it may be a sign to upgrade your pool shed into a guest house. It still may be confusing as to how can you tell if you need a guest house or not,  so let’s briefly talk about the use of guest spaces in your home. When you own a house, guests are unavoidable. Guest rooms (or in this case, guest houses) offer lodging and accommodation for your chosen guests. These guests may include close friends, loved ones, and family members who choose to visit you. Guest rooms are perfect options for guests who visit on the regular. This can help them avoid staying at hotels, which ultimately saves them a good amount of money on their trip. A guest house that is separate from the main structure of your property can also mean better privacy for you and your guests. If you are compelled to have a space for your beloved guests in your own house, you should now consider what it takes to rebuild your pool house. resort at night

What Should Your Upgraded Pool House Be Like?

If you have decided to upgrade your pool house into a guest house, you may have to incorporate features and amenities that can support one’s daily activities. Your guest house should include a private bathroom, complete with a showering or bathing area and a toilet. Of course, furniture such as beds, tables, chairs, and dressers should be placed for your guests to use. You can have the option of putting entertainment systems for your guests to enjoy. You must also uphold the needs, the security, and the quality of their stay. With that, you must install security features such as locks and cameras for their safety. Also now that it is essentially a place of living, you should make sure to have temperature and ventilation control for your guest house. There are HVAC service companies that can help you do this.

Maintenance and Costs

Do not forget about the cost of upgrading your pool house. You are essentially funding a fully functioning bedroom, similar to a small apartment, that is separate from your house. You may have to spend a decent amount of money on building and creating it. So be prepared for that. Also, now that you have an additional room, you may have to pay for its maintenance and its operation costs. This may mean expenditures on repairs and energy costs that make sure your upgraded pool house is usable. Ultimately, your new and improved pool house is a space that lets your guests relax and unwind, just like how they would be in a hotel. And if we are being honest, the use of your pool house is not exclusive to your guests. You can use your pool house to unwind too, without having to go back and forth to your house. This is a place where you can take a mini-vacation inside your property.

Should You Do It?

If you feel like a guest house benefits you and your way of life, then it is a good decision to upgrade your pool house. It can be a place where you and your guests can enjoy life more even when you are at home.