Snail Mail and Handwritten Letters: Why They Should Stay Alive

It is a Monday morning and you wake up to login to your computer. Your first order of business is to check your email. There are tons of unread messages from clients, subscriptions, and news alerts that sometimes, they just leave you unmotivated and already tired before your day even begins.

One of the most important contributions of the internet is allowing us to communicate in different online mediums, such as emails, chat messaging apps, and video calls. All of these are very beneficial indeed. The problem is that electronic messages simply do not have the impact of handwritten letters.

When was the last time you made or received a handwritten letter or postcard? This traditional form of communication was once the norm among people and businesses, and here are the reasons maybe they should be again.

Getting More Creative

By utilising paper and pen, you get to enhance your visual and motor skills, as well as your cognition, things that typing on a computer does not really offer. The more labour-oriented process of writing letters allows you to focus on the task at hand while bridging your mind and hands to the letter.

This, then, fuels your creative energy and makes the letter your own through illustrations, colour, and other physical accessories at your disposal. Handwriting letters also reduces your screen time, something a lot of people are in dire need of nowadays.

Showing How Much You Care

There is nothing like receiving a notification on your phone from a long-lost friend, but imagine if that was a handwritten letter. The effort of writing and physically sending out something means a lot to the letter’s recipient, as it speaks with heart and good intentions.

Improving Customer Relationships

customer relationships

Emails and online messages are so common in the workplace and various business settings that receiving such things have become a part of life. Why don’t you try extending heartfelt handwritten letters to your clients and engage direct marketing services such as personalized letters and invitations instead?

This will not only allow you to build more meaningful relationships with your clients but also help set your business apart from all the other digital zombies in the industry, making you unique, stand out, and remembered by your clients and partner organisations.

Making Your Words Count

Writing on a postcard or blank paper’s limited space will make you consider what points you want to get across while being concise and direct. This reinforces a simpler way of communicating without the confusion of more words and interpretations. The lack of technology also means forcing you to focus on making a more thought-out message to your loved ones, friends, and business partners.

Reinforcing Physical Traditions

Writing letters take more time and effort and are considerably slower than typing out emails on the computer. However, their personalized nature and benefits make them worth your time, as well as the people who are going to read them. Handwritten letters incite feelings of sincerity and genuine connections that no computer can replicate.