How to Sell Medigap Insurance to Uninterested Prospects

Selling insurance to those who need it can be a lucrative career. If you work hard enough and put in the hours, you can make hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a month.

However, it is a tough industry to be in. Many do not think that they should get any form of insurance, or they may be too busy to listen to your pitch.

Selling Medicare Supplement Insurance, also referred to as Medigap, to people who might need it, therefore, would be a challenge. How do you convince them to get insurance from you? Here are a few tips.

Find a Connection

No one really wants to sit for several minutes while a salesperson makes their pitch. They probably have more important things to do such as tend to their kids, attend to their chores, do their work, or run a business.

So, if you get the chance to speak to a potential beneficiary, find a way to immediately make a connection. They are more likely to respond to what you are offering them if they do not feel like they are talking to a salesperson but a friend.

Look around the house or their office. Do they have pictures of their kids on display? People enjoy talking about themselves, so give them the opportunity to tell stories about their family or their adventures.

However, you might want to avoid the topic of politics. Talking about politics can get pretty inflammatory so, even if you see stickers or images of politicians on their door, try not to say anything about it.

Get Testimonials from Respected Personalities

In every neighborhood, there will always be someone who everyone knows and admires. Getting that person as a client will make selling Medigap to the rest of the community a breeze.

Having testimonial from the local celebrities would encourage people within the community to open their doors to you, listen to your pitch, and get insurance from you. Consumers trust the opinions and recommendations of people they know. Having the testimonial from a person they recognized, even if they do not personally know the individual, would help you a great deal.

Discuss the Most Expensive Product First

It might seem counterproductive, but here this out: if you start discussing the most expensive plan that you offer, the least expensive plan would sound affordable.

Hearing the price of the most expensive plan may surprise the client but, once you get to the least expensive plan, they may find it more up their budget. It is the same as seeing a watch that costs a few hundred dollars. You would think it too costly if it is displayed on its own. However, after seeing a designer watch priced at thousands of dollars, the watch that costs a few hundred dollars would not sound too bad.

Having something else to compare a product to would make its cost seem more reasonable to a client.

Use Channels that are More Convenient to Them

woman making calls from home

Adults have busy lives. Outside of their work, they have to take care of their families or socialize with their friends. If they do not have the time to sit down with you and talk about insurance, you may want to offer them another way to communicate.

You may call them or send them an email — whatever is more convenient to them. Your goal is to educate them about Medicare, the potential cost of getting sick in or outside the United States, and the benefit of having Medigap.

There is no one way to convince every prospect to get insurance from you. If they still say no despite your efforts, it may be time to move on to another client.