How Print Marketing Can Help Businesses in the Digital World

Thanks to technology, digital marketing has now grown in leaps and bounds. This growth has led to a misconception among business owners that print marketing is dead. While this form of marketing is not as popular as it was in the past, it still has a place in today’s marketing field. This is particularly so with most people looking for some physical connection with the mostly online-based business marketing nowadays.

Printing companies in cities like Kansas Cityhave high-end printers that could produce various types of marketing prints. These cities have businesses that guarantee prints that work for your marketing needs and goals. One of the most effective options for marketing prints is the use of brochures. There are different types of brochures of marketing based on their designs and application.


These are the most common promotional brochures and are meant to reach a broad audience. The handouts can be placed on store checkout counters and strategic locations where people will see and pick them. To guarantee people voluntarily pick the brochure and look inside, it should be eye-catching. As such, unique printing techniques and paper stocks are used for its production.


After talking to clients and introducing your product or service, you need to leave a reminder so that the client can refer to it time and again. The leave-behind will highlight various features, such as the price and benefits of a product. Rather than the traditional leave-behinds that focused on your product, modern ones feature crucial information that will make a client want to keep them. If for instance, you are selling groceries, you can include a menu on the brochure so that your client keeps it.

Point-Of-Sale Brochures

This type of brochure is designed to draw in potential clients who have heard nothing about your brand. Point-of-sale brochures are placed at eye-catching and convenient heights. They are not tell-all brochures but rather more or less like a movie trailer to get people interested. Since the brochures should stand out, you will focus on its cover design and ensure you get an enticing headline for it.

Respond-to-Inquiries Brochures

Once you have sparked a client’s interest, it is essential to answer the questions they might have before they make a purchase. The respond-to-inquiries brochure is designed to nudge clients into taking a desirable action. It is more or less a hybrid of the leave-behind and point-of-sale brochures and is sent to ‘’qualified’’ customers.

Direct Mail Brochures

Brochure on finishing line of printing press

These are meant for people who have no interest in your brand. Direct mail brochures should be designed to interest the client and turn him/her into a qualified buyer. People have very short concentration periods, and it is essential to ensure that you capture a client’s interest immediately, the target gets the mail. As such, you will minimize the clutter on it as much as possible.

Brochure marketing has changed in recent years, and though it is no longer a key piece of print marketing, it can still help any business reach their marketing goals. The above promotional brochures, when handled by the right printing company, are sure to complement your online marketing and significantly boost your sales.