Popular Business Opportunities in the New Normal

If there’s one thing people can get from the global COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that innovative ideas and strategies for businesses make a world of difference, especially in dire circumstances. Despite the uncertainty of the pandemic, companies are continuing to find new ways to increase profit margins, improve business processes and continue to reach their consumers.

However, what’s even more interesting is the current success rate of fledgling businesses navigating the pandemic. Whether people can chalk it up to specific industries or cleverly thought-out strategies, the world is seeing a variety of business boom. Here are just some of the most popular businesses in the new normal.

Woman cleaning the counter in the kitchen

Cleaning or disinfecting services

If there’s a particular ongoing trend during the pandemic for businesses, it’s cleaning services. Due to the safety protocols caused by the pandemic, everyone is staying within their homes. People rarely go out nowadays except to run errands or buy necessities. This makes it a great time as ever to have a business in the cleaning and disinfecting industry.

There has been a rise in customers needing these types of services. Business districts, commercial sectors, and residential areas prioritize the safety of citizens, and the help of professional cleaning companies makes working at the office or at home a less anxiety-inducing experience.

Digital marketing

There’s been an evident rise of digital marketing agencies during the pandemic. Since individuals, now more than ever, continue to be on their phones and social media 24/7, digital marketing has been more effective than ever – and both businesses big and small know this. So many entrepreneurs are creating agencies to help businesses and brands improve their marketing strategy and online presence.

Customers are within our reach now more than ever. With digital marketing being the most successful marketing strategy, it’s also the best business opportunity to take advantage of. Digital marketing requires an understanding of the humanity behind the algorithms of these social media platforms and a keen eye for consumer trends.


During the pandemic, businesses are putting up all kinds of eCommerce websites and taking advantage of shopping platforms to sell their products while keeping their brick n mortar stores closed. Logistics companies are in charge of warehousing, handling, and shipping goods, whether locally or internationally.

In terms of logistics, local shipping is seemingly the most common starting point before going into other international markets. While popular, there are many factors to consider before going into this sector as it’s labor-intensive and heavily reliant on automotive. An excellent workforce, route distinction, and safety should be at the forefront of your business plan.

When considering long-distance, local shipping that utilizes trucks, a wide array of issues may arise. Therefore, it’s best to have an attorney specializing in trucking accidents to protect both the driver and your business. While it’s challenging to navigate at first, the demand for such services continues to grow with new significant players entering the landscape that offer competitive pricing and timelines.

Handmade products

Handmade and DIY products have made an impressive rise during the pandemic. Since people have so much time on their hands, what used to be a hobby can also become a full-time business. This is a great business opportunity if you’re particularly creative and crafty with your hands. Maybe you have a skill for knitted clothing or handmade soy-scented candles. The possibilities are endless.

These are all great business opportunities that you can take advantage of, particularly if you want more control over your schedule and are looking to get into the business world. Integrating technology and modern business practices is one of the primary factors to this niche’s success. The support for small local businesses has also grown tenfold during the pandemic, as communities recognize the heart behind the small business economy.

Home improvement services

The home improvement niche has trended during the pandemic, mainly because people spend most of their time at home. So customers have more time to focus on repairs and renovations to make their home a better place during the pandemic. Whether it’s fixing minor scratches or improving the overall interior of your home, this is what home improvement services are inclined towards.

Homeowners who would typically look over minor issues are now more inclined to engage professional services to have them fixed. The modern home layout also continues to change as the market’s preferences change in the new normal, making home renovation services a great sector to enter.

It’s pretty challenging to develop a great business idea, but these are all the trends during the pandemic. Even today, these types of business products and services are thriving in the industry. As an entrepreneur or business owner, these opportunities can help you figure out which industry is currently on the rise today.